Friday, October 12, 2007

We are...

Pregnant! Baby number three tentatively due on June 7th. Praise the Lord, we are grateful for this blessing. To update anyone who actually reads this. My husband John is still disabled and we are just working our way through it. We have been blessed so far to be able to keep our house. With a failed back surgery at our backs and not sure what is next before us we are just relying on GOD to take care of us. He has done an amazing job so far.

We have more tests for John here in the near future but as of today he is not hurting too bad from some injections he had yesterday. We were able to go to the mall yesterday and walk around. Something he can't normally do. Pray that they find what is wrong soon.

We are blessed and content to know we are taken care of.

Thanks for reading this.

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