Thursday, June 14, 2007


Alright. Here is our trip to the science center. The kids were uncooperative for pictures so I tried my hand at reflections.

I am throwing in the doggy picture I took of my Uncle's doggy. The poor thing has heart problems but he is the strongest little doggy I have ever seen.
As always thanks for coming by. I love hearing from you all.

This was inside the museum. Looking into forever!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tons of Pictures!

Okay so I have needed to post for a while but it just seems like my time is all gone. Here is our update and our pictures. I know I need some new ones of Aimee, she is just so hard to photograph lately.

John is doing okay since his surgery. He has all new pain to deal with and I think it is bringing him down but we are trying to keep him on the up and up. We are just waiting to see what GOD has in store for us now. It's all in his good time.

Faith is learning so fast I have trouble keeping up. She has little to no interest in writing but she is getting better at spelling and I haven't met a more computer literate 4 year old besides my nephew. I suppose it is tragic that her parents are both computer nerds.

Aimee is crazy smart too. She sings row row row your boat. Just the row part is understandable but that means so much to me that she is so interested in learning. She tells her first knock knock joke. It's "Knock, Knock? And you are who's there, and she says fish." Thats the whole joke but I ask that you find another 18 month old that tells knock knock jokes. She also loves to fake sneeze so you will bless her. It's too cute.

And me, well I am finally on week 4 of my 8 week class that I started in Jan. I really didn't think I would have this much trouble. I am pushing forward. MLK's class is great and I am learning tons. Below are some pictures that I took of Faith the other night and also my project #3 from my class. It was to take pictures kinda journalism style and the convert them to black and white. There are a few in color too just because I thought you needed to see those too. This was our trip to the Scarborough fair.

Thanks for looking!

When we left for the renaissance festival it was beautiful. Then it started to rain. When we got there this was what we found. MUD!

My Nephew
My nephew
Faith hated that her shoes and feet were muddy. She cried for the first hour we were there. Then my brother washed her feet and she was fine after that.

This butterfly didn't make it.

These guys are there every year. They are too funny. I can't remember what there names are but they are the funniest show (to me) there.

The fairy of the fair. She is so pretty. She is there every year too. Can't remember her name either.

Ye Olde kid ride wench.
And ye old wench wagon. Their name, not mine.

A maiden's balcony

A cart shop selling wares.

And ye olde bow shop.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My Brother the Graduate

Here he is everyone. My Brother the Graduate. Congratulations Miguel!