Thursday, April 23, 2009

Even me...

I even managed to take a picture of myself. For all of you to see. Don't make too much fun of me, it is harder than you think to take a self portrait.

Today I thought about something that is just me. (In my search for who I am) and I really like chocolate, but not dark chocolate. So I know that without influence I don't like dark chocolate. Tell me something about you that is unique.

A long awaited update

Well I am such a slacker. This blog hasn't had a new post in so long. I have to tell you that it is hard work being a wife, a mom, an assistant and a photographer. I feel overwhelmed most of the time.

I am currently on a search to find out who I am. I know who I am in Christ, a beloved daughter. But I think I am not quite sure who I am as a person.

Well I wanted to show you an update so here it is: The kids are great, I am ALWAYS busy and I hope to take a break to breath soon! SO many pictures to post so here is the first post. Updated pictures of all of the children. THen the next post will be Faith's birthday!