Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Chubby baby!

Here is my Sarah. She is getting so big. And she is finally starting to feel better. I never got to come on here and post about our sickness. There really just wasn't any time. So I will post about it now. We all got sick and sadly Sarah got rsv. She is recovering well now. We did have to take breathing treatments and she has a monitor that we hook up when she sleeps to make sure her breathing is good. It has been hard to watch her suffer but she is on the mend now. So without any further ado, here she is:


Hi Everyone. Sorry that it has been so long since my last post. Our house was invaded by the RSV virus and even our littlest one got it. So now that we are all on the mend I am ready to get back into the game.

I wanted to share some images with you from a random driving around shoot. Some of these I am using for my photo assignments. I am attending the New York Institute for Photography. You can never know enough about what you love.

These first 3 pictures I am turning in this week. One is panning the subject. That would be my swinging Aimee. The second picture was to have very little depth of field and isolate the subject and the last one was to have great depth of field showing the viewer a great deal in focus.

This one was just for fun. More to come when I get some more time.