Saturday, October 13, 2007

One of my Fav babies to Photograph

This is Gabriel, I have posted him before because he is too cute!

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Ellen said...

Hey Tiarra!! Wow, so much going on for you, I'm so excited!

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy! That's soooo exciting, I can't wait! I love baby pictures, baby stories, everything about them. I think you should have the baby and then send him/her to live with me for a while, ok? I miss having babies to hold, I'm not babysitting any kids here still. But really, congratulations. With everything else that's been going on I'm sure this is a welcome blessing.

Secondly, I love the new look! It's awesome. And it didn't remind me of my blog at all, don't worry! Your header is great and everything just looks really fresh. I like it a lot. The wrapped car is so cool, I hope you get a good response from it.. I love how you designed it, and I bet other people will too.

Gabriel is such a cutie pie, great shots of him.

And I really hope things start working out for your husband's health.. I'm in an anatomy course right now and we're learning about the back, so I know how complicated it can be.. But I'll pray that they figure something out soon.

Take care, and get lots of rest!