Friday, November 9, 2007

We are all sick!

But we are getting better. After the miscarriage we all got sick and have been fighting it for about 2 weeks. But it is finally getting better. Here are my poor sick kids tortured yesterday when we had to wait for my husband John at his discogram. It didn't show anything so we are back to square one. We are getting ready to do a spinal cord stimulator. We will post how it goes. Here are the pictures that we took yesterday. I really felt that it was therapeutic to take some pictures. I feel like I really haven't gotten to do it for fun in a while so this was nice.

Aimee's M & M's

Faith's leaf she found me.

Aimee checkin out a car coming into the parking lot.

Faith and her usual pose for me.
The girls were by a fence that had dogs on the other side. They really got startled for a moment.

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LilyoftheThorns said...

I am so sorry for your familys loss! My sister also had a miscarriage. But she is pregnant again and the baby is due in March, completely healthy! :)

You have such beautiful children! Beautiful eyes and hair. Sorry, I observe stuff like that. lol :) I love the top M&M picture. Very good!