Monday, March 19, 2007

My Moody Fatih & My funny Aimee

Well all, more practice with the D80. These were all taken with my sb800 flash and without my fong on. I am getting better catchlights without it. I think the D80 likes my flash better than my D50 did.

Think I am really starting to get it down. I have trouble somtimes with the focus. I was worried for a little but it seems that I do better with my center focus point. I gotta get the hang of using the others . Here is my tries for today.

Faith moody, I really really like this one. THe stuff on her face is pink frosting from grammies cupcakes.

Vintage action thanks to Brenda, wish I would have lightened up her eyes on this one.

And then crazy Aimee...

Please ignore how ugly I look. I am in my laundry day clothes. This is Aimee's uh-oh face.

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