Monday, March 12, 2007

More practice. CC on my D80 work please!

So I practiced more. I wish I had gotten more practice in but today was a lazy day. I was kinda enjoying a break from work. I have 2 sessions to edit but a break is sometimes needed. Here is what I got:

I know his eyes aren't in the upper third but I didn't want to chop off his head too much this time. I may try another crop later.

I am a limb chopper and I am so terrible about this. I am working on it. Here are some flowers, they weren't moving so I had a better chance with them. haha!

Here is my Faith, she has been a tiny bit more cooperative with my camera lately:
Some more Faith, Aimee has turned into the uncooperative one now.
Color or BW? I know that here right eye(looking at the picture) is softer than the other, I just still loved this capture.

Heres Faith's reflection in a tiny puddle. This is the best puddle we got from the rain our wonderful meteorologists told us we would get.

Okay, I'll stop for now. Thanks for looking!

1 comment:

Michelle Downs said...

I think you are being too harsh on yourself. Your portraits are beautiful!
There is always room to improve, but seems like you are already on to it.
Great job!

(I got here through the photographybegginers grou from Yahoo!)