Sunday, February 4, 2007

Today's Challenge "Mess"

I almost think this one was just too easy for me. I had so many rooms I could have gone into. I suppose this is just a little more motivation for me to get busy on my house. Here is my messy garage. I show you BW just because that is currently my favorite. I think I find I like it much more. I wish that my clients chose more of my conversions but alas. Like my husband, most seem to prefer color.

I am also posting my Aimee. I am sure that you all would like to see more of Faith. And let me just say that so would I, but she is so touchy to take pictures of. And it usually only lasts for about 5 mins. Then she is gone. Off to find new ways to amuse herself. Here is Aimee in her P.J.s and me practicing flash again. I find that I am so very inconsistent with my flash. This has only the pinpoints, which bothers me as I bounced it off the ceiling. I wish that I could get it right all the time. As I still feel very unsure about using it with clients.

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