Monday, February 5, 2007

My Lame post for today

Today's post should have been crazy. Well I only took one picture today and it is of my daughter's giant pony I am trying to sell. So I will post the only picture I took today. The Pony. I hope that she doesn't kill me for getting rid of it. We are selling our house to move into a tiny apartment and I just can't see taking everything. And she NEVER plays with this except when I try to get rid of it. I hope she isn't home the day it leaves. Sometimes I think I should keep it. She got it for her 1st birthday and now she is 3. Hmm.... What do you all think? Should it stay? Or should it go?

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MelissaJ said... know now she's gonna want it, LOL..Back in the beginning I did the same thing, posted a pic of an ebay works..