Saturday, October 11, 2008

She's Here!

I will share more photos later, but my friend Tiffany came by and took a few pictures for us last night and sent them to me so I was able to post them here. I don't have a lot of time (we are going home today!!) So I will add these pictures an update you on her stats!

Sarah Elisabeth was born Thursday, October 9th, at 8:06 am. She was 6lbs 1 oz. So much tinier than any of our weight guesses! Thank you to everyone who entered our contest! The winner is.......
Heather Williams!


Happy Campers said...

First, and MOST importantly, she's adorable & I'm glad she's healthy & you're doing well! T told me that she had been born and T and the fam came to see you...she couldn't say enough about Sarah!

Second...I'm so excited I won! T laughed at me when I asked her birthweight...she said "six something. I was too occupied with cuteness to remember the exact birth weight!". Inquiring minds needed to know!

So glad you guys are healthy & happy...can't wait to see more pics of Sarah!

Dani said...

Congratulations! :) She's so precious and I'm glad you're both doing well!

Charlotte said...

Those are just beautiful! I love yummy brand new baby photos!! She is precious!!