Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tornado Update

Hi everyone,

We are all doing well. We found out that it was an F0. Categorized by how many MPH it goes (F0= 60-90MPH).

They said ours was 87MPH. We accessed our yard and we actually saved everything (shy of the net around the trampoline) and we fixed that last night. My heart couldn't stand the kids jumping on it without the net!

We got our power back yesterday at around 3pm. The phone came back on about an hour before that. We had a neat two nights of camping out in the house. We had candles and we just read stories and went to bed early! Wish I could read books and go to bed early every night! Faith had night terrors that first night, but she was fine after that. Aimee didn't understand what was going on so she wasn't really scared at all.

We also didn't lost our food in our fridge. I keep hoping that the eyesore of our RV sitting out front would some day be good for something besides holding down the concrete. And the gas generator on it kept our fridge cold so we did just fine. I am amazed at how wonderful GOD is at taking care of his sheep.

I feel so blessed to have experienced this and to be able to remember how amazingly strong the weather his, but how much BIGGER GOD is! He took great care of us, and we are proud to praise him for his wonderful care!

We love you all!

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Ellen said...

Omg Tiarra that must have been so so scary! I'm so glad you're all ok. Wow. What an experience. The pictures tell the story so well, it's chilling.

Obviously I've been mia for a while. But you have some very nice work on here lately, that's great! I'll try to be around more.