Saturday, January 27, 2007

More from today

I am gonna post several for today. Just because the sun has visited TX even though it seems we only see it once a week the last few weeks. I hope it is still around tomorrow since it was so beautiful today!

My Aimee in the yard. She thinks she is so big! She can't figure out why her feet don't touch the pedals.

My neighbors tree which still looks like it is stuck in fall. I don't think it knows what season it is.

Here is Aimee after our walk. She was trying to get inside. BTW, we aren't seeing Faith on here today cause she didn't want me to take her pictures. I sure wish she would be a more willing model. I bet almost every photographer would agree with that.

Comments always appreciated. Thanks for looking!

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D.Lauren said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Soooo funny your from Flower dh & I are contemplating moving there! So's sooo far from here (Seattle). I like the photo of your little one on the trike. Very vintage!